Call Me the Montreal Expos Or Call Me the Washington Nationals

The Montreal Expos were a Major League Baseball team for quite some time. However, someone, somewhere decided to have them ditch Canada and move to Washington D.C., leaving the Toronto Blue Jays as the only remaining team playing north of the United States border.

Obviously, the Expos not only changed their location, but they also changed their nickname to the Nationals. Sooo exciting, huh?

Well, the point that I’m trying to get to is that I’m changing blog hosts as well as changing the name of my blog. The only thing that will remain the same is the author (me!!).

I have decided to start a blog over at WordPress and title it Bull Point Pen. The reason for this title? Go over there and check it out for yourself. Small preview: Obviously, the title 26 and Counting is pretty outdated, no?

I had a good experience with MLBlogs as it definitely helped me get my foot in the door, so thank you to them.

Hopefully I will have more followers with my new blog than the Washington Nationals do…

You Have to Come Out From Wherever You’re Hiding, Tiger…

… and accept your Athlete of the Decade honor.

I guess Derek Jeter can’t win everything.

Obviously, this is not surprising news for Tiger. On the golf course, the guy is unstoppable. (Well, I guess off the course he’s just as unstoppable.) During the 2000s he’s won 64 times, which includes 56 titles in the United States and 12 majors. If that’s not amazing, outstanding, superb, I’m not sure what else qualities.

Tiger received 56 of the 142 votes.

As for the other competitors:

2nd Place: Lance Armstrong (33 votes)
3rd Place: Roger Federer (25)
4th Place: Michael Phelps (13)
5th Place: Tom Brady (6)
6th Place: Usain Bolt (4)
7th-11th Place: Five other athletes each received one vote but the article doesn’t include them. That’s Yahoo! for you.

I’m going to take a crack at possible athletes (FYI… this is just off the top of my head. No research, just my brain remembering this last decade.):

Derek Jeter
Albert Pujols
Lebron James
Kobe Bryant
Peyton Manning
Diana Taurasi
Candace Parker

Now off to figure out if any of those are right.

I Can Now Get A Good Night Sleep…

… knowing that my favorite Yankee was not traded for Roy Halladay.

INSTEAD, Roy Halladay is on his way to the Phillies in yet another blockbuster deal. Cliff Lee is heading to Seattle. Check it out at MLB Trade Rumors.

In addition, it looks like John Lackey is headed to Boston, while Hideki Matsui might be headed to the Angels.

Selfishly, it’s a pretty good thing that the Yankees haven’t been a part of the festivities today, other wise I would have been doing this all day. And I can’t afford to be doing that as I have two final exams tomorrow, including one in Calculus!!! Ahhhh!!!

We’re Off To Find Success Somewhere Else

Cody Ransom, Josh Towers, and Eric Duncan were all Yankee free agents at the end of the 2009 season and each one of them has recently found a new home.

Cody is off to the defending NL champs (Philly, for you slow folks), Josh to the Dodgers, and Eric to the Braves.
I was a big Ransom fan in Spring Training of 2008 and thought that he should have made the 2008 Opening Day roster in place of either Chris Woodward or Morgan Ensberg (remember them?), but as we know that didn’t happen. However, Ransom did get the nod as the 2009 Opening Day third-baseman and didn’t impress me at all with his .045 (give or take) batting average.
I was a big Towers fan back when he with the Blue Jays. I was sooo excited when he came to the Yankees in the middle of the season, however, he is not quite like his old self. Check out his numbers with the Jays in 2005. Impressive, no?
As for Duncan, I was his biggest fan. He was my favorite Yankee minor leaguer before Phil Hughes arrived on stage. I’ve been keeping up with Eric in the minors since I can remember. It’s a shame that he was rushed through the minor leagues and couldn’t reach the majors. Maybe he’ll get a better shot with the Braves. After all, Atlanta (I think) doesn’t have third and first (Eric’s primary positions) locked up for the next century. 
Anywho, I wish all three guys the best of luck with their new teams. If there is one person in the entire Yankeeland who will desperately miss them, it’s me. Call me crazy, but that’s who I am.

How Could I Forget?!

Andy Pettitte and the Yankees agreed to a one-year deal for $11.75 million. 

Man, it’s been a pretty successful few days on the Yankees front. 
First, the Yankees obtained the first pick of the Rule 5 draft and now we’re all dandy because Andy and Grandy will be in pinstripes as the Yankees try to repeat next season. 
I’d say Cashman & Co. did well, no?

Derek Jeter? Please Step Right Up…

Tiger Woods will not receive the most prestigious honor in all of the United States.

Hmmm, I wonder what he did wrong?
Oh wait. 
How embarrassing (in my opinion).
Anywho, someone needs to get that Congressional Golf Medal nevertheless.
The article (linked above) says:
The medal is the highest award Congress has to honor civilians for achievements and contributions to society.

Achievements and contributions to society!? How is that NOT Derek Jeter?!
  • He is a 10-time All-Star. Did you get that? Ten.
  • He is the captain of the New York Yankees. Not just the shortstop; the captain as well.
  • He has won five World Series.
  • He has won an incredible amount of awards/honors. An incredible amount.
  • In 2009, he became the Yankees all-time hits leader.
  • In 2009, he was named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year.
  • He has his own foundation, the Turn 2 Foundation.
  • Although he has had his share of girls, he is no way like Tiger Woods. (Did you hear? It’s up to 11 mistress for Mr. Woods. That’s more than the number of times Jeter has been to the ASG.)
  • He has not been linked to steriods, PEDs, HGH, etc. He better not be.
  • He is a future Hall of Famer.
  • He is not Tiger Woods. Or should I say: Tiger Woods is NOT Derek Jeter.
  • Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter.
I think it’s time to call Congress and make a case!!!!
Who’s with me?